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How To Properly Clean And Maintain Fake Yeezy

I won’t say more about how popular fake Yeezy is because it is an obvious fact. Is it difficult to buy a pair of fake Yeezy? I can only say that no matter whether it is a lot of draws or queuing, it is not always possible to buy your favorite style. So for the hard-won shoes, since you get them, you will definitely love them more. Today I will tell you how to properly clean and maintain Yeezy.

Fake Yeezy Cleaning Steps

The steps of washing shoes are mainly divided into the following steps:

Fake Yeezy 350
  1. First, take out the shoelace. Not only to gently scrub with detergent and water, but also soak the dirt on the shoe surface with warm water for 5 minutes.
  2. Then mix baking soda and white vinegar in a 2: 3 ratio in the container. After forming a paste, wipe it on the shoe and scrub the upper with a small brush.
  3. Finally, wash with clean water. Please note that the washed Yeezy must be wrapped in toilet paper before drying in a cool place.

Fake Yeezy Maintain Methods

Fake Yeezys

There is a good saying, “The more expensive shoes, the valuable.” Not only do you have to clean it properly, but you also have to keep your shoes well. Now I will talk about the correct maintenance methods for fake Yeezy shoes:

  1. While keeping the inside of the shoe dry, you also need to stuff some paper inside. This is done to keep the shoe stretched and smooth.
  2. If the shoes are wet, do not use the heating or open flame to dry! This can avoid the effects of aging, opening, discoloration and severe deformation on the shoes.
  3. Don’t let shoes expose to the sun for a long time. In this way, the service life of the shoes will be reduced.
  4. When you find that the shoes have a little odor, it is recommended that you use baking soda, natural deodorant, etc. to remove the odor. Don’t just wash your shoes frequently, please pay attention to this.
Fake Yeezy

Finally, I would like to say that the correct cleaning and maintenance methods of fake Yeezy are not just the points I mentioned. However, there is a sentence that I think is correct. The more expensive shoes, the less you can wash them often. You must pay attention to this. Of course, if you have a better way, please leave a message below, I am very happy to communicate with you.

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