Relationship And Differences Of Fake Air Jordan And Nike

Relationship And Differences Of Fake Air Jordan And Nike

Anyone who loves fake sneakers should be all about Air Jordan and Nike. Of course there are some fans who know the difference and relationship between fake Air Jordan and Nike. If you want to know more, read on.


Air Jordan and Nike are affiliated. Air Jordan is owned by Jordan brand, but Jordan brand is a subsidiary of Nike. So it can also be said that Air Jordan belongs to Nike. In October 1984, Jordan and Nike signed an agreement and entered into a partnership. Air Jordan fake shoes is a brand established by Nike exclusively for Jordan. As more and more shoes were designed for Jordan, Nike trademarked these fake shoes with the Air Jordan logo. At the same time, these shoes had a unified name, Air Jordan.

logo Of Air Jordan And Nike Fake Sneakers


  1. Name. AJ’s full name is Air Jordan, which is a series name within the Nike brand. And Nike is the general name of the company.
  2. Logo. The Nike logo is a hook, but the Air Jordan logo is a flyer holding onto a basketball being shot.
  3. Product. Air Jordan and Nike make different products. Air Jordan mainly produces shoes, while fake Nike produces various sports related things. In addition to clothing, shoes, hats, and other apparel, Nike even produces a variety of sports equipment.
  4. Technology. Air Jordan shoes are made using one-shot technology, which is more costly and also sold at a higher price, and is a high-end line of Nike’s.
all Nike Air Jordan Fake shoes

Due to Jordan’s own appeal, Air Jordan fake sneakers are popular with consumers and are quickly becoming popular. To date, there are a total of 31 shoes within the Air Jordan collection. One of the most classic and best-selling Air Jordan sneakers is the AJ1, AJ4, AJ5, AJ6, AJ11, AJ13.

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